My results


I received my results several weeks ago but have been a busy girl since then. I’ve been filling out the mounds of paperwork and forms to receive In Home Support Services for Ben. I also attended the Rare Patient Advocacy Summit in Huntington Beach. So, drum roll please…..

As suspected,  I am 98.4% European with 65.6% of that being Irish and British and another 20.4% Broadly Northwestern European, with a splash of 6.8% French and German and 4.2% Scandinavian. I am also 0.9% Sub-Saharan African and 0.7% East Asian and Native American. Yes, I now feel like a pie chart!

I am “most likely” lactose intolerant. I inherited the C/T-13910 variant from each of my parents. People who inherit two copies of a variant in this region don’t make lactase as adults and are typically lactose intolerant. I do eat dairy but I cannot stand to drink a cup of milk. Maybe it’s just natures way of protecting me?

My weight is “likely to be similar on a diet high or low in saturated fat with the same number of total calories”. Sounds good to me.

I am extremely awesome. Not a result, just seeing if anyone is actually reading this.

I am “likely to taste certain bitter compounds”.  True, I find Jolly Ranchers and sour candy too overwhelming. I am also likely to prefer salty and savory snacks. Yup!

I am likely to be able to smell the asparagus metabolite in my urine. Yes I do, so happy for me.

My ancient female ancestors migrated throughout Coastal Western Africa over 30,000 years ago. That is determined through my maternal haplogroup. Maternal haplogroups are families of DNA that trace back to a single mutation at a specific place and time.

I am unlikely to flush after I drink alcohol. True.

I likely consume slightly more caffeine, specifically 9 mg more. I blame that on my 3 kids.

I have “power type” or sprinter type muscles. I won’t go there.

I am less likely a deep sleeper and I am more likely to move a lot during my sleep. True again.

I do not have a cleft chin, dimples, a unibrow, or widows peak genetically speaking. I indeed in human form to do not have the above.

I am likely to have dark hazel, light brown, or dark brown eyes. Hmmmmm, I always thought I had green eyes. Dark hazel it is.

I have detached earlobes.

I am likely to have light brown or blond hair, which is likely to be straight or wavy, and I was likely to be born with little to no hair. This one is all over the place! They should have just reported that I am likely to have hair on my head.

I am likely to sneeze when exposed to bright light which is called a photic sneeze.

I am likely to have fair skin with a lot of freckles. Check!

Finally, I am not a carrier for 39 rare genetic diseases.

23 and me found 1,533 genetic relatives all at least second cousins or greater. You can request to share your data with theirs. I have not dove into the family tree portion of this.

Overall, I thought 23andme was fun. It confirmed what I already suspected and did not provide me with any significant data. I was able to upload my “raw data” to other sites where you get an overwhelming amount of genetic information which I scanned over. What do you thinK?



23 and me?


About 4 weeks ago I decided to live on the wild side and I ordered my 23andme kit. For $199 dollars I’m going to get a carrier status report letting me know if I have any inherited conditions I may pass along (pretty sure I do not), learn where I came from (Fall River by way of Europe and Canada I’ve been told), a wellness report so I can make better choices about diet and exercise (we’ll see), trait reports to see what makes me unique (not sure I had to spit in a cup for this one, pretty sure I know myself by now), and interactive tools I can share, compare, and discover (which I plan on sharing with you!).

The kit has been sitting my desk drawer for a few weeks now. I thought I would have torn into it immediately but I have to say about 10% of me was a bit hesitant. I wonder if my genetic report will comment on that! So today I took the plunge. I opened it up and inside I found a clear tube which you have to spit in until you fill it up to the line. Look how much spit you need:IMG_0409

Once you fill to the line you seal it up, put it back in the box, and mail it off. The mailing label is already attached and paid for. You register the sample online and answer some random questions about who you are and your past medical history. That took about 10 minutes. In 6-8 weeks I should find out more about me. I will report back with my results and my opinion of if it’s worth the $199.